A sustainable future Food


Photo of our tigernut crop trial in Simcoe County, Southwestern Ontario.


As the world population grows and we’re faced with climate change, we have to really think about how we're going to feed a growing population responsibly. This means using valuable crop acreage and growing nutrient dense foods. Tigernuts fit this bill. They do not require irrigation, are a high yield crop and are considered by The UN to be a under-utilized crop.

Tigernuts do not pose water problems like almonds, or monoculture issues like soy, or greenhouse gases like dairy. And with government and academic support we’re successfully introducing this high-yield, low-maintenance crop to Southwestern ontario. We’re working with local farmers to create a strong agri-food ecosystem around the sustainable and nutritious tigernuts.

We’re working hard so your dairy alternatives are grown locally and not adding more strain on our already fragile environment.