Our very favourite horchateria in Barcelona!

Our very favourite horchateria in Barcelona!

What's the story behind The Chufa Co.? 

Many years ago, Andrea spent some time living in Barcelona. Feeling a little under the weather one day, Andrea’s Catalan friend suggested she might feel better if she had some Horchata de Chufa. Never one to pass on a local delicacy, Andrea jumped at the offer. What she discovered was one of the loveliest things she had ever tasted.

But she scoffed at the suggestion it was healthy, not only because it tasted too good, but because generally, healthy foods aren’t sold in ice cream shops.

Weeks passed and her obsession grew – Andrea was drinking Horchata as often as she was snacking on tapas and sipping wine. Daily.

Andrea’s time in Spain was followed by a stint in England and eventually a move back to Toronto. She brought with her a couple of European mementos: a British husband (and our co-founder Scott), a fondness for overcast days, and an enduring passion for Horchata de Chufa.

Back home, Andrea, having learned chufas were also called Tigernuts, scoured the city for them, to no joy. The Horchata signs popping up in cafes around Toronto were a cruel joke – because, although super tasty, these rice-based drinks just weren’t the same as the Spanish version she loved.

Then, on one unusually warm afternoon in October 2014, when Andrea had that familiar craving for horchata she turned to Scott and said “I really wish I could find Horchata de Chufa in Toronto..” It occurred to her that other people might wish that very same thing.

And at that precise moment the idea for The Chufa Co. was born.