Andrea & Scott FOUNDED THE CHUFA CO. IN 2014.

Our journey:

A few years ago, when Andrea was living in Barcelona, a good friend of hers suggested she try a drink called Horchata de Chufa when she was feeling a little under the weather. In Catalan culture where the drink originates, this special drink is not only very popular, but it is also dairy free, and, as Andrea soon discovered, delicious! 

Not one to forget such a distinctive experience, Andrea did some research of her own into Horchata de Chufa and it's ingredients to discover that the Spanish were on to something big: chufas (or tigernuts), the main ingredient in the drink are incredibly nutritious. A superfood you might say. 

Back home in Toronto, Andrea scoured the city for tigernuts, but could not find them anywhere. While craving the delicious tigernut drink one warm fall afternoon, Andrea realized that her friends and family would also love it too! That day in October 2014 The Chufa Co. was born and it became her mission, along with her husband Scott, to introduce Horchata de Chufa and the versatile tigernut to Canadians!

The Chufa Co. endeavours to bring good, clean, sustainable and healthy tigernut products to market in Canada to not only feed your tastebuds, but also your gut.