Q. What makes tigernuts so healthy?

A. Tigernuts have a very impressive health profile. They are one of the leading sources of magnesium and they contain healthy fats, like oleic acid. They are a good source of Vitamin E and C. And they are packed full of fiber and the non-soluble fiber, resistant starch (which we think is the best part of tigernuts).


Q. What is resistant starch?

A. Resistant starch is a prebiotic. It’s the fibre that doesn’t get digested and makes its way to the colon to feed the microflora in our gut.  Resistant starch also helps you feel fuller, longer. Think of Resistant Starch as a fertilizer for your gut and the perfect companion to probiotics for optimal gut health.


Q. Why are tigernuts considered an ancient superfood?

A. A recent Oxford University study revelealed our ancient ancestors who lived in East Africa between 2.4 million and 1.4 million years ago survived mainly on a diet of tiger nuts and this food would have contained sufficiently high amounts of minerals and vitamins. And the fatty acids that would have been particularly important for the hominid brain.


Q. Are your tigernuts certified organic?

A. Yes they are certified by Ecocert.


Q. Are tigernuts suitable for diabetics?

A. Yes. The high non-soluble fiber contents of the Tigernuts help regulate blood sugar levels. 


Q. Is tigernut milk a milk alternative?

A. Definitely!  Tigernut milk is a great milk alternative and can be used in place of any other non-dairy milk. Add it to your smoothies, cereal, coffees, baking, etc. The flavoured versions are great on their own as an afternoon snack or as a refreshing drink!


Q. What is the shelf life of the Tigernut Milk? 

A. The tigernut milk has about an 8 day shelf life from the day we deliver to the retailers. If you want to be sure to get the freshest bottle, send us an email to find out our delivery days for your local shop.


Q.How do you use the flour?

A. The flour can be substituted 1:1 for regular flour. Use it for raw desserts, dessert bases, bars, in bread, as a breading, pancakes, etc.


Q. Where do you ship/deliver?

A. Please send us an email to inquire about shipping.


Q. Are all of your products free from gluten, nuts and soy?

A. Yes. Our production facility is a strictly nut-free, gluten-free facility. We also source our ingredients from certified nut-free and gluten-free producers. Please get in touch with any questions and to enquire about our suppliers.


Q. Are tigernuts a sustainable crop?
A. Good question. Yes -  tigernuts are incredibly sustainable crop and don’t require a lot of natural resources to grow. And in fact, they are probably growing in your yard! In Canada, yellow nutsedge (aka tigernuts) are invasive weeds!